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Powerful Child Abuse Ads

This campaign won a Gold Lion yesterday at Cannes. Via Mexico.

It pleases me that the middle mother is aggressively screaming. The first implies physical abuse, the last implies sexual, but those aren’t the only two kinds of abuse children endure, and I’m glad attention is being called to that.

oh Hello middle picture, that’s exactly my life even right now - which is the root of my major anxiety and emotional problems

Even a few weeks ago I was eating in the kitchen, mid mouthful when someone knocked on the door which was about 3 meters away - I was going to answer it the minute I was physically possible but before that could happen mum slammed her hands on the counter and shouted to me to get the door. A time before that sticks out in my mind is when I was also eating or spooning something into a cup I have a mild tremor in my hand from anxiety (wonder why jeez) mum saw that and shouted very aggressively WHY ARE YOU SHAKING!

When I’d get angry or upset they wouldn’t comfort me or try to ask why I was upset, they’d huff and tell me to be upset else where or to cease being upset as if it were so easy. And the cycle continues, I don’t have kids but when I see kids around town being expressive or excited or emoting (and sometimes it’s people who are having very visibly emotive responses to things) I cringe and wonder when they’ll get in trouble for that - because I did, every little mistake like spilling water or waterproof counter tops involved being shouted at. Even today when I sneeze I don’t get a bless you I just get shouted at, I’m not even spraying rudely I make an effort to do it into my arm or cloth.

urgh even all of this is too much talk about that kind of stuff but yeah… whatever, back to robot no feelings from here on out.

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    April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Let’s work together to stop the cycle of Emotional, Sexual, and Physical Abuse.
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    "Break the cycle of abuse."
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